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What is Pyramid Honey?

‘The Pyramid’ is as Marlborough as it comes. A beekeeping business, farm and vineyard located in the Waihopai Valley, where grapes meet farmland and pristine alpine bush, and farmed by the Dawkins family since 1954. Now a third generation, husband and wife Patrick and Laura Dawkins, tend Pyramid bees across the property and varied landscapes of Marlborough.

What makes 2024 Lower Valleys Creamed Honey unique?

This Lower Valleys Creamed Honey has been harvested in February 2024 from the lower reaches of Marlborough’s Wairau and Waihopai Valleys, including The Pyramid. Summer 2023-24 in Marlborough was characterised by extreme dry and thus the clover base of this honey is delectably complimented with floral notes from the hardier wildflowers, which persist longer into a drought summer in the pastures and vineyards. It is 100% honey, 100% from Pyramid hives – as authentic, local and traceable as food can be.

    1KG  $17   
  6 x 1KG $90 

To place your order for delivery anywhere in New Zealand, email:

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